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About Knitting Heretic

You are NOT knitting wrong.

At Knitting Heretic, we believe that there is no wrong way to knit. We understand that knitting can be a deeply personal and individualistic craft, and we embrace the freedom of the knitting nonconformist. Our aim is to help you realize that you already knit better than you imagine and that you have the potential to create even more beautiful knit pieces than you ever dreamed possible.

Unleash Your Inner Knitting Heathen!

Join us on a journey of creativity and exploration. Knitting Heretic offers a wide range of tips, techniques, projects, and reflections from an unorthodox hand knit designer and teacher. With our resources, you can gain a deeper understanding of how and why your stitches behave as they do. By embracing your own unique style and approach, you may even develop your own legitimate way of creating knit fabric.

Embrace the Freedom of Nonconformity

Are you tired of strict rules and guidelines dictating how you should knit? Knitting Heretic is here to break those chains and encourage you to unleash your inner knitting heathen. We believe that knitting should be a joyful and liberating experience, free from the confines of rigid conventions. With our unconventional approach, you have the space and encouragement to forge your own path in the knitting world.

Explore a World of Possibilities

From beginner knitting enthusiasts to experienced crafters, Knitting Heretic offers something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next project, looking to improve your knitting skills, or simply want to connect with like-minded individuals who celebrate individuality, this is the place for you.

Join the Knitting Revolution

Become a heretic and join our knitting revolution. Our community of knitting nonconformists is passionate about pushing boundaries, challenging norms, and encouraging creativity without limits. Together, we can redefine what it means to be a knitter and celebrate the diversity and individuality that makes this craft so beautiful.

Get Started Today

Start your journey towards knitting liberation by exploring our website. Discover our collection of tips, techniques, projects, and reflections that will inspire and empower you to embrace your own unique knitting style. Unleash your creativity, and remember, there is no wrong way to knit, but there are many right ways to knit. Join us at Knitting Heretic and unlock the true potential of your knitting skills.