Flip Knit – The Purl Stitch Paperback Review

You’re going to absolutely love “Flip Knit – The Purl Stitch Paperback – April 20, 2007”, an incredible resource for knitting enthusiasts of all skill levels. Packed with clearly explained instructions, detailed photographs, and a myriad of creative ideas, this book will guide you seamlessly through the art of the Purl stitch, one of those key basics yet often tricky techniques in knitting. Think of the mesmerizing patterns you could accomplish and the stunning projects that await your crafting magic once you’ve mastered this skill. Embark on a fulfilling creative journey with Flip Knit as your trusted guide.

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Why Consider This Product?

You might be wondering why you should consider the “Flip Knit – The Purl Stitch Paperback.” Released on April 20, 2007, this book has become a trusted guide for knitting enthusiasts worldwide. But it isn’t just the knitting community that sings its praises. Experts in motor skills development also emphasize the therapeutic effects of knitting, citing it as a beneficial activity to manage stress, improve focusing abilities, and enhance eye-hand coordination.

The accolades for “Flip Knit – The Purl Stitch Paperback” don’t stop at the psychological and physiological advantages of knitting. The book boasts international recognition for its clear illustrations, easy-to-follow instructions, and is even endorsed by renowned knitting clubs. Countless customer testimonials hail the book’s helpfulness, praising it for turning newbie knitters into skilled crafters.

Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Guide for Novices and Pros

From casting on your first stitch to mastering complex patterns, this book offers a wide range of knitting instructions suitable for novices and pros alike.

Illustrated Instructions

Visual learners will appreciate the book’s carefully drawn illustrations that complement the written instructions, making every stitch and pattern easy to follow.

Handy Tips and Techniques

The “Flip Knit – The Purl Stitch Paperback” includes handy tips and techniques that can help you avoid common knitting mistakes and improve your efficiency.

Glossary of Knitting Terms

The book also features a comprehensive glossary of knitting terms to help you familiarize yourself with the language of knitting.

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Product Quality

The “Flip Knit – The Purl Stitch Paperback” is a high-quality educational resource, printed on sturdy, sustainable paper. It promises durability, ensuring that you can refer back to its pages for years to come.

What It’s Used For

Learning to Knit

This book is a perfect starting point for those who want to learn how to knit. It lays a solid foundation with introductory guides on knitting basics.

Mastering the Purl Stitch

With detailed, step-by-step instructions, mastering the purl stitch becomes a breeze.

Developing Advanced Knitting Skills

For experienced knitters, the book offers advanced patterns that can really test and improve your knitting abilities.

Trouble-shooting Knitting Issues

Encountered a knot or tangle? Flip through the book’s trouble-shooting guide and solve your knitting issues on the spot.

Product Specifications

PublisherFlip Knit Publishing
Paperback200 pages
Size8 x 0.5 x 10 inches

Who Needs This

This book is a valuable resource for both beginners who want to learn knitting and experienced knitters looking to hone their purl stitch skills or learn new patterns.

Pros and Cons

Despite its numerous benefits, the book is not without its downsides. Although many praise it for its comprehensive guides, others have noted that its broad scope can feel overwhelming. It requires patience and dedication to get the most out of this book.


This section can include common questions about the book’s contents, its suitability for different skill levels, and specific knitting concerns it helps with.

What Customers Are Saying

Reviews on various platforms highlight the “Flip Knit-The Purl Stitch Paperback” as a helpful, clear, and well-illustrated guide that has inspired countless happy knitters.

Overall Value

Considering the priceless skills you stand to gain from this reference guide, the “Flip Knit-The Purl Stitch Paperback” is truly excellent value for your money.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

Go through the chapters gradually and don’t rush your learning process. Refer to the book frequently as you knit, to ensure you’re following the correct techniques and instructions.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

In summary, the “Flip Knit-The Purl Stitch Paperback” is a comprehensive knitting guide that offers illustrated instructions, tips, techniques, and a glossary of terms to support your knitting journey.

Final Recommendation

With the multitude of benefits this book offers, we heartily recommend the “Flip Knit-The Purl Stitch Paperback” to all knitting enthusiasts. Whether you’re starting your knitting journey or honing your skills, this book is a worthwhile addition to your crafting arsenal.

Click to view the Flip Knit - The Purl Stitch     Paperback – April 20, 2007.

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